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Company news: Maiky was selected for the imec.istart program

We are very happy to share that Maiky was selected for the 2023 imec.istart program, as announced on their blog (read it here!). In this post, we will talk a bit more about imec and the importance of being part of this program.

imec is a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, imec is a non-profit organization with a mission to develop innovative solutions that address challenges in society and drive economic growth with a significant impact on quality of life.

imec by numbers:

  • unique infrastructure that includes a 2.5-billion-euro 300mm semiconductor pilot line

  • more than 5,000 expert scientists from over 96 countries

  • an ecosystem of more than 600 world-leading industry partners and a global academic network.

They have an exceptional portfolio of advanced technologies. The combination of these technologies opens the door to smart, sustainable solutions. These span domains such as healthcare, clean energy, and Industry 4.0. One of the ways imec can achieve such results is by supporting startups with the imec.istart program.

The imec.istart program is an acceleration program that provides support and funding to early-stage tech startups. The program is open to startups from all over the world and covers a wide range of technologies, including software, hardware, and life sciences. The program provides selected startups with some funding, as well as access to imec’s extensive network of experts and resources.

Maiky is proud to be selected for this program for the 2023 season. This is a big accomplishment for our startup because being chosen after a very competitive process means that our GRC Platform and the technology we are developing in the AI field have been recognized as having significant potential and it is poised to make a meaningful impact in our industry.

Now, Maiky will have access to imec’s network of experts, which includes world-renowned researchers and entrepreneurs helping us to overcome technical challenges, refine our business strategy, and make valuable connections in the industry. All this will help us on our next steps as a company and on further developing our products.

Curious to learn more about what we are doing and how?


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