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What is NIS 2?

The NIS2 directive stands as the EU-wide law concerning cybersecurity with a wider coverage range than the original NIS directive. This way, a more significant number of entities and sectors will now be held accountable for managing cybersecurity risks and reporting incidents.

The goal of this directive is to avert or minimize the impact of incidents on the recipients of their services and on other related services.

It does this by ensuring that you use a risk-based approach and have built a good information security program that captures the multiple facets of information security.

How can Maiky help?

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Maiky can help you in multiple stages of your NIS2 compliance. When you are just getting started we can help you get going fast, but if you already have an information security program we can assist you in an efficient way.

Getting Started 

When you are just getting started with your information security program, there are a lot of things that come your way. With Maiky we have made those steps transparent and easy to get started with.

With our Quick Start to NIS2, the platform can pre-build a set of policies and controls, a number of risks, and more importantly, a set of actions you need to take to get started on your journey toward NIS2 compliance. Using our workflow engine you can further automate the process of ensuring compliance and with our pre-build NIS2 dashboard, you get a nice overview of your current status and the most important steps still to be taken.

Once you are ready with your first steps, you can continue to use the Maiky platform to keep extending and maturing your information program without the need to increase your license.

Already have an InfoSec program in place

If however you already have an information security program in place, Maiky can assist you in knowing & and controlling the gaps you might have with NIS2 and the content of the regulation.

Our quick start feature will only complete your program with the missing controls and list the actions you need to get NIS2 compliant.

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