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Partners Program

Leverage Maiky to manage your client's InfoSec and give them access to a powerful tool.

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Maiky’s platform consists of a basic platform plus extra modules that can be added as needed to each client’s environment. Making it possible to use Maiky for different levels of a company’s InfoSec program.

For users at the beginning of their InfoSec journey, their policies can be defined and its controls link them to risks.

For users with that already in place the validation of the controls can be defined and implemented then automated and executed on a fixed schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

All data on Maiky is available to create a dashboard which can be used to get an overview and should be exposed to the customer (for instance through powerBI).

Exclusive Partners Benefits 


Benefit from exclusive discounts when integrating

Maiky into your services, optimizing your cost efficiency.


Streamline your operations by efficiently managing multiple clients through a unified platform, enhancing your scalability and client service.


 Leverage Maiky's automation capabilities to save valuable time while simultaneously providing your clients with a transparent and robust InfoSec program.


First in Line for Feature Development:

Priority on our road map to develop new features

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