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Startup Program

Maiky is here to help your company set up an information security program. 

Including a platform to manage it all and an Academy with helpful content to get you started. 

Startup Stages

Meet our partners

We have partnered with incredible companies for the Maiky Startup Program to help your startup achieve a mature information security program with an easy-to-follow path.

 Meet some of them below:


"at CRANIUM we provide a personalized offer and approach, completely adapted to your company and sector. Together with you and your organization, we work on a cybersecurity strategy in a pragmatic, flexible and cost-effective way."

Getting Started

Why start an InfoSec program?

Starting an information security program is key for a startup. It protects your data, keeps customer's trust, and helps you follow the rules. Plus, it saves you from costly breaches and damage to your reputation. It’s a smart move to help grow your business safely and successfully.

How to start with Maiky

Maiky has a platform and an easy-to-follow step-by-step program to put in place your first information security program. 

Join us directly or through your startup incubator or accelerator. 

Maiky Academy

At Maiky Academy you can find free incredible content for all things InfoSec. 

When you join the Startup Program, you will have access to exclusive content and courses to help you get started and maintain an InfoSec program.

Maiky Platform

Maiky is a platform that can grow with your needs. Starting on Stage 1, you will have access to the essential modules (Policies & Controls, Risk Management, Trust Center and more). As your InfoSec matures, more modules can be added (Dashboard, Workflows, 3rd-party Management, and many more).

mac screen showing Maiky's Information Security tool

Maiky Platform for Startups

Maiky is an information security platform built by security professionals whose main goal is to make security and compliance easier to manage for all. 

For this reason, Maiky offers an exclusive program to startups looking to start their information security from scratch. 

Maiky Platform for Startups offers pre-build policies, risks and controls based on ISO 27001, and a detailed step-by-step course.

When ready and if needed startups can count on our partners for consultancy. Maiky Platform can also be upgraded to follow your needs as your InfoSec matures. 

Start your InfoSec program

Get access to exclusive content on Maiky Academy to help you get started. Plus, have several modules active on the Maiky Platform with pre-build policies, controls and risks.
Price: €1999*

*Discounts are available through our startup accelerators and incubator partners. 


If you’d like more information about our program, get in touch today.

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