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Revolutionizing GRC using AI: from tedious reading to fast consultation

Maiky's logo and its back end details

Regulations are changing fast and regularly which puts pressure on companies' legal and compliance departments to continuously be aware of it, analyze its consequences for the business activity and adapt its organization policies accordingly.

As IT enables to systemize, Maiky developed an in-house AI engine that is capable to assimilate (read not screen) compliance texts, confront the meaning with a company organization’s policies to simplify and speed up the compliance.

The pipeline input is text, and by leveraging NLP we define distinct meanings of the words in a specific context and the output is an accurate text search.

How is Maiky AI different from what exists today?

1. AI industry trends focuses on the results/output while Maiky focuses on the input/data preparation which delivers a much higher content accuracy.

Example: the term “firewall” can only be insightful if used with proper IT context.

2. Compliance industry trends show AI is applied to numbers to calculate statistics to make predictions or uses automation to screen text location (good old “Ctrl F”) and position (good old “Cut & paste”) while Maiky AI engine uses text to understand compliance topics to manage organization policies effectively.

Examples: Fast/immediate identification of internal controls necessary to be updated to comply with the new update of ISO27001.

What are possible business applications?

Efficient and effective

1) policies management to comply with regulatory changes and align with the security posture of business partners

2) contract (and supplier) management

Maiky AI can review the existing text but also indicate lacking info eg. policies, controls or clauses.

--> In short, Maiky AI is a smart digital assistant that saves you tremendous time reading all compliance texts and enables you to focus on what matters that is maintaining policy consistency and taking informed decisions.

If you want to test your policies level of compliance in comparison with a law or standards, contact us!


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