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Remote working - got it under control?

The recent pandemic has accelerated Work From Home (WFM) like nothing before ever could.

The team at Maiky has undergone a very similar evolution. When we started the company in 2019, we always had to goal to make it a remote-first company, but with the pandemic, it was clear we should be a remote-only company.

Fast forward almost 2 years, 6 people, covering 3 countries across the globe, the decision was the best ever made. While it comes with challenges, even in our small world, at the same time there are massive opportunities as well.

When working remotely takes on a new meaning

The opportunities everybody knows by now; easier access to talent, more flexibility when it comes to combining work and private life and so much more. But what about the challenges. While we are not going to focus on all, I do want to highlight one.

How do you keep control of everything that happens?

The other day a customer of our Maiky platform raised this question: “How can you keep control when most of the information we get these days on control testing is done when chatting with people at the coffee machine?” She is responsible for checking control effectiveness and has to annually validate, together with her team, over 200 different controls.

While the reflection is good, we believe the solution is wrong. The problem with our current way of testing the effectiveness of controls it is; we don’t test often enough, too manual validations and being too much work that could be spent differently. So our proposed solution is to leverage automation for the control testing, and have discussions with teams when problems are discovered.

In general, situational awareness is lacking. Doing a check once or twice a year just isn’t telling you the whole story.

So how do you know what is going on? How do you tackle your control testing program?

Come and have a chat with us, we would love to learn how you tackle it!


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